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The climate is changing, and urbanization means that rainwater no longer enters the ground naturally. More and more often, we have to deal with heavy rain showers that cause nuisance.

As an experienced supplier and professional in the field of drainage systems, IDS Group provides innovative solutions for the drainage of rainwater.

Not only do we supply drainage systems, but we also offer our customers advice and support for drainage issues during projects. We measure, calculate and draw so that we can achieve the best result together with the customer!

What has IDS-group realized over the past 5 year?

Tonnes of CO2 emissions saved
Million liters of rainwater returned to nature
Million recycled plastic bottles

Sustainable solutions

Our goal is to accelerate the natural water cycle gradually and sustainably.

During a heavy rain shower, the sewer can get overloaded. Sewers are flooded, and rainwater is drained over the paved surface. The water comes into contact with pollution from industry, traffic and certain use of materials. The rainwater ends up in the surface water untreated.

To prevent this, IDS Group supplies new drainage systems that collect large volumes of rainwater and transport it to the place where it belongs sustainably and gradually. Back to the bottom surface without burdening the sewer system.

‘A cleaner planet, one project at a time!’

As a supplier and consultant, IDS strives to give rainwater back to nature gradually and cleanly. A clean planet also includes the use of sustainable materials. IDS aims to combat the "plastic soup" with its drainage systems by incorporating recycled plastic bottles into its products. This way a positive footprint is created for people, the environment and the planet.

Our challenge is to return the water to nature as cleanly as possible, at the place where it falls, that is the ideal situation!

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An efficient, sustainable solution for rainwater is also one that is ready for the future. IDS is committed to a more beautiful living environment; for quality, durability and applicability.

We believe it is essential that customers who work with us experience a certain degree of carefreeness. As your professional and supplier of drainage solutions, we advise which innovative products are suitable for your project based on your project data. Our technical department then provides input for project-specific specification texts and drawings to achieve the desired result together.

With more than 20 years of experience, we guarantee good advice, short lines and optimal results.

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